first blog post jitters

It’s true, maybe the anxiety of writing this first post is just coffee jitters. Maybe the feeling of butterflies dinosaurs romping around in my stomach is because I start grad school next week with a real sketchy financial plan. The beans I had for lunch = most likely.

I have always wanted to write more and to share what I write about, but haven’t gotten myself very organized. Setting up this blog has been a slow process. I’ve logged-in and edited things and played around with the site over the past year, but always to close my actual dinosaur of a MacBook in frustration. It’s overwhelming to start something new. It’s overwhelming to have such a creative mind; the problem isn’t that I can’t come up with ideas, the problem is the opposite. I AM THE IDEA QUEEN. I am a follow-through-finish-the-project squire.

*googles “squire” to see if it fits in the context*

{It doesn’t, but it’s a neat word and you get the idea, so it stays.}

So, why now?

Seriously, as I sit here in my 2012 Christmas pajamas, drinking coffee at 5pm because I’m in another nocturnal cycle, and pretending the dishes pile isn’t ranked at a 5.15 climbing grade, I asked myself that question. Why. Now.

  1. Next week marks the start of my MSW studies at St. Kate’s (and internship!) and I want to document the process for myself and for others interested in a career change or graduate studies.
  2. I’m very unemployed and very restless.
  3. I spent most of my summer running around like a “crazy” woman, teaching summer school, planning a class reunion and parties, and taking three prerequisite classes. My normal routine had to wait. Running/training had to wait. I want to write more about running and what the process of training means to me in the areas of self-care, recovery, and healing.
  4. I’ve had moments to reconnect with my artsy side this summer. I hope to share more about my art and my process here. Pondering creating an Etsy shop.
  5. This summer has been a blur; it was filled with a lot of happy and a lot of hard. I’m ready to leave the season behind (figuratively and literally) and welcome autumn with a PSL in hand, a MSW textbook in the other, wearing an oversized scarf and baggy sweater, to trade the jitters for trust, hope, and a sh*t ton of hustle.

If you want to join me on this ride, you can find me here, writing through and about the mess and the joy.

If swearing and honesty and excessive hyphen usage is not your thing, you don’t have to read what I write. I have been a catholic school teacher for many years (surprise, not catholic) and I not only hope to be a positive role model for youth through my words and actions, I already am – with an occasional cuss.

Please share what you would like me to write about using the “connect” page. I have journals full of writing-for-me-pages, and this space is still for me, but it’s also for you.

More soon.





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