Anyone else type up a gazillion different bios just to delete the entire thing over and over again? Thoughts like: OMG I HAVE TO COME ACROSS REALLY INTERESTING AND PERFECT AND HOOK ‘EM IN FROM THE GET GO OR NO ONE WILL READ WHAT I WRITE? Yeah, same. After brainstorming different ways to write this bio, I realized IDGAF what anyone thinks because that’s the entire purpose of this blog. Truth. Transparency. Vulnerability. The real-life-stuff that many midwestern-raised people (at least in my experience) get sweaty and uncomfortable talking about; but the conversations that make most squirmish and anxious and emotional – I live for those.

Okay, a few important things you should know about me:

I’m a twenty-something gal raised in ND, moved to Minneapolis for a fella a few years back. That fella left me a few weeks before our wedding and my life has done a complete 180 since, and I am forever grateful for the hurt/confusion/identity crisis of the loss I experienced when he left. More on that later. I was a teacher for six years, but recently quit both my job and my career to go back to school for a Master of Social Work degree. More on that later. The dream is to become a LCSW – licensed clinical social worker and to have my own mental health practice. I’m thrilled about the opportunities and journey ahead and have never felt so passionate about something in my life! Also, I’m terrified because I have like $136 to my name; but not really, because debt is a real thing (*cough cough* – weddings that don’t happen are expensive.) More on that later.

So, here is my blog.

I hope you find pieces of yourself you didn’t know existed through the stories I share. Better yet, I hope you own the pieces of yourself you’ve always known were there (that you’ve hidden or denied because of fear, shame, expectations for yourself and others of you) – I hope my stories bring out more of yours. I hope you laugh and cry at the same time and separately, too. Bonus points if I make you pee a little. I hope my honesty and candidness brings you comfort in knowing that you are not alone in your imperfectness and seasons of WTF-is-my-life or brokenness. I hope my words help you feel connected to yourself and to your world and remind you that you are never too much and always enough. We all feel lonely at times, but you are never alone.